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AES Series

Energy Savings, Digital Scroll Refrigerated Air Dryer

600 – 10,000 scfm

The AES Series with stainless steel, brazed plate heat exchanger and digital scroll compressor provides unmatched energy efficiency in a refrigerated air dryer. The 4″ color touch screen display provides multiple features, including: ethernet capability to interface into main control system, instant feedback on energy savings, monitor refrigeration suction, discharge pressure, and temperature, instantaneous load, and hours saved.

  • Continuously matches load demand from 10% to 100%
  • ISO 8573.1 Class 4 (38°F/3°C) dew point performance
  • Ambient Air Temperature: 40°F – 120°F (35°F with low ambient protection)
  • Inlet Air Temperature: 40°F – 120°F
  • Operating Pressure: 60 – 232 psig
Model NumberCapacityVoltageConnection SizeAir‑Cooled kW (full load)Weight (lbs.)HeightWidthDepth
AES‑600600460‑3‑603″ NPT5.62645453445
AES‑800800460‑3‑603″ NPT6.97805483854
AES‑1,0001,000460‑3‑603″ NPT8.12810483854
AES‑1,2501,250460‑3‑603″ NPT9.62860483854
AES‑1,5001,500460‑3‑604″ FLG11.651,650845841
AES‑1,7501,750460‑3‑604″ FLG11.651,650845841
AES‑2,0002,000460‑3‑604″ FLG16.92,300845841
AES‑2,5002,500460‑3‑606″ FLG19.242,3705211465
AES‑3,0003,000460‑3‑606″ FLG23.33,98011012444
AES‑3,5003,500460‑3‑608″ FLG32.65,18011012444
AES‑4,0004,000460‑3‑608″ FLG33.84,60011012444
AES‑4,5004,500460‑3‑608″ FLG23.34,95010218644
AES‑5,2505,250460‑3‑608″ FLG32.66,75010218644
AES‑6,0006,000460‑3‑608″ FLG33.86,90010218644
AES‑7,0007,000460‑3‑6010″ FLG59.511,62310924744
AES‑8,0008,000460‑3‑6010″ FLG70.1111,82310924744
AES‑8,7508,750460‑3‑6012″ FLG74.3815,52811130847
AES‑10,00010,000460‑3‑6012″ FLG87.6415,77811130847
  1. Saturated, compressed air enters the system and moves into the pre-cooler/re-heater (A), where it is pre-cooled by the cold outgoing air.

  2. The air is then directed through the air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger (B), where it is cooled to 38°F by the refrigeration system.

  3. The cold, saturated air flows into the three-stage separator (C), where liquids are removed from the air. This separated condensate is then ejected from the system via the Aircel condensate drain (D).

  4. The cold, dry air is then reheated by the incoming warm air (E) before leaving the dryer.