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AZL Series

Zero Loss Condensate Drain


 The AZL Series drain is a compact electronically operated level sensed condensate drain which offers zero air-loss during the condensate discharge cycle.

AZL Series drains can be installed in all compressed air system components up to 3000 scfm regardless size and climate zone. The AZL Series offers an integrated mesh strainer (to prevent large particles from entering the valve orifice), is easy to disassemble and is service friendly. The new and improved design, the robust industrial housing, the alarm feature, and the 2/2 way direct acting valve assembly make the AZL Series drains a reliable solution for all compressed air system applications.

For larger capacities, higher pressures, and custom dryer options, please contact an Aircel factory representative.

Model NumberVoltageMax Pressure (psig)Max Compressor Capacity (scfm)Connection Inlet (NPT)Connection Outlet (NPT)Valve OrificeDrainage Capacity (gal/hr)Temperature Range
AZL 115 volt115‑1‑602303,0000.5″0.5″ – hose barb included4.5mm6034°F‑122°F
AZL 230 volt230‑1‑602303,0000.5″0.5″ – hose barb included4.5mm6034°F‑122°F