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APD Series

Pneumatic Condensate Drain

The APD Series drain removes condensate from compressed air systems without using electricity.

Discharge process is automatic and is based on a newly developed 2/2 way level controlled valve principle that operates a direct cylinder valve.

The APD Series is ideally suited in applications where power is not available, too expensive or not reliable. Integrated stainless steel strainer protects the valve, optimizing the discharge performance.

Condensate level can be viewed through the sight port, offering visual monitoring.


For larger capacities, higher pressures, and custom dryer options, please contact an Aircel factory representative.

Model NumberMax Compressor Capacity (scfm)Max Pressure (psig)Connection Inlet (NPT)Connection Outlet (NPT)WeightTemperature Range
APD3,50044/230 valve type direct cylinder0.5”0.5″6.534°F – 122°F