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AKC Series

Activated Carbon Adsorber

30 – 5,000 scfm

The AKC Series is a vessel utilizing activated carbon for use in adsorbing oil and hydrocarbon vapors, as well as air odors.

For larger capacities, higher pressures, and custom dryer options, please contact an Aircel factory representative.

Model NumberCapacityConnection SizeHeightWidthDepth
AKC-30301/2″ NPT701815
AKC-40401/2″ NPT701815
AKC-50501/2″ NPT701815
AKC-60603/4″ NPT701815
AKC-80803/4″ NPT732121
AKC-1001001″ NPT732121
AKC-1501501″ NPT822424
AKC-2002001.5″ NPT832424
AKC-2502501.5″ NPT832424
AKC-3003001.5″ NPT832424
AKC-3503501.5″ NPT842424
AKC-4504502″ NPT862525
AKC-5005002″ NPT862525
AKC-6006002″ NPT862525
AKC-7507503″ FLG893228
AKC-1,0001,0003″ FLG943232
AKC-1,2501,2503″ FLG943232
AKC-1,5001,5004″ FLG1093836
AKC-2,0002,0004″ FLG1093836
AKC-2,5002,5006″ FLG1184844
AKC-3,0003,0006″ FLG1194844
AKC-3,5003,5006″ FLG1205450
AKC-4,0004,0006″ FLG1205450
AKC-4,5004,5006″ FLG1285652
AKC-5,0005,0006″ FLG1285652