Condensate Management

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  1. RH-50
    List Price $1,875.00

    The Drain-All® Rust Handler Series includes a patented “though-port” design that provides increased capability for handling of solid debris. This provides increased reliability in applications with heavy rust and debris that may clog other traps. This means smooth, trouble free operation and fewer maintenance hassles. It’s fully automatic by working on demand as liquid accumulates in the reservoir. Once installed, no daily maintenance or on-going adjustments are required.

  2. AMF Magnetic Float Drain
    AMF Magnetic Float Drain
    List Price $380.00

    The AMF Drain Series is the optimum choice in compact energy saving condensate drains. Unlike timed or electronic drains which require electricity to operate, the AMF Drain Series operates using a magnetic level sensor providing energy saving, zero air loss operation without the need for a power source. Perfectly suited for coolers, refrigerated dryers, liquid separators, and especially compressed air filters. The AMF Drain Series uses a 2/2 way level controlled magnetic actuator which opens and closes a direct cylinder valve, discharging the condensate from your compressed air system without losing any compressed air.

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