Non-Cycling, 600 scfm

The Aircel VF-600 non-cycling refrigerated dryer focuses on consistent, reliable dew point performance in all flow conditions. With excellent heat transfer coefficients and low-pressure drop, these dryers will outperform the competition in protecting your compressed air system, machinery, and tools.

  • ISO 8573.1 Class 4 (38°F/3°C) dew point performance.
  • Single point air in/out and electrical connections.
  • Three step process thoroughly removes condensed moisture from the chilled, compressed air. This process provides separation efficiency in excess of 98% throughout the entire range.
  • Ambient Air Temperature: 35°F – 120°F
  • Maximum Inlet Air Temperature: 140°F
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 200 psig
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Weight598 lbs
Dimensions45 x 34 x 45 in