Breathing Air Desiccant Dryer, 80 scfm

Aircel heatless breathing air system BHD Series air dryers provide the clean, dry air necessary to keep your workers safe. The BHD Series utilizes a seven step process to produce Grade D quality breathing air. This process removes a variety of contaminants including dust, dirt, water, oil, hydrocarbon vapor, and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. A high quality carbon monoxide monitor is standard, providing constant sensing of CO concentrations to ensure the safety of all users. The BHD Series has robust valving and includes high quality pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and a particulate after filter standard with all models.

    • -40°F dew point performance
    • Carbon monoxide monitor standard
    • Ambient Air Temperature: 38°F – 105°F
    • Inlet Air Temperature: 40°F – 100°F
    • Operating Pressure: 60 – 175 psig
  • C/F designates consult factory

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Model NumberCapacityVoltageConnectionWeightHeightWidthDepth
BHD‑8080115‑1‑603/4″ NPT550763024

Additional information

Weight550 lbs
Dimensions76 x 30 x 24 in