Energy Savings, Digital Scroll; 3,500 scfm

The Aircel AES Series refrigerated air dryer was created to deliver long-term energy savings by precisely matching power usage to inlet air demand.
AES dryers automatically modulate the refrigeration compressor on and off, delivering significant power and energy savings to your bottom line.

  • ISO 8573.1 Class 4 (38°F/3°C) dew point performance.
  • Digital compressor is the most efficient compressor over widest range of inlet flow conditions.
  • Ambient Air Temperature: 40°F – 120°F (35°F with low ambient protection)
  • Inlet Air Temperature: 40°F – 120°F
  • Operating Pressure: 60 – 232 psig

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Model NumberCapacityVoltageConnectionAir‑Cooled kW (full load)WeightHeightWidthDepth
AES-3,5003,500460‑3‑608″ FLG32.65,18011012444

Additional information

Weight5180 lbs
Dimensions110 x 124 x 44 in