AZL-V115 Zero Loss Drain

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The Aircel AZL Drain Series zero loss condensate drains provide effective and efficient condensate removal while saving you time and money. With innovative features like remote alarm contacts, a test button, LED indicator lights and an optional heater for cold weather applications, these electronic drainsare the optimum choice for reliable, energy saving condensate removal.

    Zero Loss AZL Series
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    Voltage (VAC)115-1-60
    Micro Switch Test ButtonMicro-Switch Test Button
    Integrated StrainerIntegrated Strainer
    Value Orifice4.5mm
    Visual Operating IndicatorsVisual Operating Indicators
    Max Pressure (psig)230 PSIG
    Inlet NPT (inches)1/2"
    Outlet NPT (inches)1/2" -Horse Barb
    Temperature Range (Degrees Fahrenheit)34-122
    Drainage Capactiy60 gallons/hour
    Compact Compact
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