AXHP-100-3625 Refrigerant Dryer 100 SCFM, 3625 PSIG



List Price $11,081.00

The AXHP Series is a refrigerated air dryer designed for operating pressures up to 6000 PSIG. With corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel air side components, the AXHP will custom fit extreme high pressure applications like pre-treatments for high pressure breathing systems, pressure testing, or other extreme high pressure applications.

  • Flow(SCFM): 100
  • Operating Pressure (PSIG): 3625
  • Ambient Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit): 100
  • Inlet Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit): 100
  • Dew Point (Degrees Fahrenheit): +38
  • Timer Drain
  • Aluminum Block Heat Exchanger
  • Discharge Gauge
  • NEMA 1 Standard
  • R134-a Refrigerant
  • Power On Light
More Information
Operating Pressure (PSIG)3625
Ambient Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit)100
R-134a RefrigerantR-134a Refrigerant
Iso Class4
Connection (NPT) (inches)1/2"
Downstream Humidity Sensor Optional
Dimensions (HxWxD Inches)30x36x25
Voltage (VAC)115-1-60
Power Input kW1.05
Timer DrainTimer Grain
Brazed Plate Heat ExchangerBrazed Plate Heat Exchanger
Aluminum Block Heat ExchangerAluminum Block Heat Exchanger
Refrigerant Suction Pressure Gauge Refrigerant Suction Pressure Gauge
Discharge Gauge Discharge Gauge
NEMA 1 Standard NEMA 1 Standard
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