AHLD-200 E Heatless Dryer, 200 SCFM



List Price $12,189.00

The AHLD Series is a reliable, fully automatic, heatless desiccant air dryer designed for total energy efficiency. Aircel's AHLD includes robust standard features like a purge saving energy management system (EMS), a NEMA 4 electrical system, a mounted pre-filter with a zero loss drain, and after filter.

  • Flow(SCFM): 200
  • Operating Pressure (PSIG): 100
  • Ambient Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit): 100
  • Inlet Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit): 100
  • Dew Point (Degrees Fahrenheit): -40
  • Regulated and Filtered Pilot Air
  • Mounted Pre and After Filter
  • Aircel Programmable Controller with NEMA 4 Enclosure
  • LED Tower Operation
  • Pilot Solenoid
  • Energy Management System
  • ASME Carbon Steel Vessels
  • Premium Grade Desiccant
  • Purge Exhuast Valves/Mufflers
  • Steel Frame
  • ASME Thermal Relief Valves
More Information
Operating Pressure (PSIG)100
Ambient Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit)100
Counter Current Regeneration Counter Current Regeneration
Stainless Steel Desiccant SupportsStainless Steel Desiccant Supports
Downstream Humidity Sensor Optional
Dimensions (HxWxD Inches)85x34x24
Energy Management Purge Reduction SystemEnergy Management Purge Reduction System
Tower Pressure Relief ValvesTower Pressure Relief Valves
Desiccant Towers Are To Asme CodeDesiccant Towers are to ASME Code
Structural Steel FrameStructural Steel Frame
Angle Seat Purge Exhaust ValvesAngle Seat Purge Exhaust Valves
Non Lubricated Inlet And Outlet Automatic Piston ValvesNon-Lubricated Inlet and Outlet Automatic Piston Valves
Single Point Electrical ConnectionSingle Point Electrical Connection
Pilot SolenoidPilot Solenoid
Purge Exhaust MufflersPurge Exhaust Mufflers
Mounted Pre and After FilterMounted Pre and After Filter
Voltage (VAC)115-1-60
Connection1-1/2" NPT
Tower Pressure Gauges Tower Pressure Gauges
Regulated and Filtered Pilot Air Regulated and Filtered Pilot Air
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