AEHD-500 Externally Heated Desiccant Dryer, 500 SCFM


List Price $35,395.00

The AEHD Series is an externally heated desiccant air dryer with mid-bed energy management based on relative humidity and a purge flow rate of 8% (6% with venturi option). High temperature paint, heater vessel, and hot purge piping with insulation and aluminum jacket protects personnel and prevents heat loss. High efficiency, mounted pre-filter with zero loss drain and differential pressure gauges and after filter.

  • Flow(SCFM): 500
  • Operating Pressure (PSIG): 100
  • Ambient Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit): 100
  • Inlet Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit): 100
  • Dew Point (Degrees Fahrenheit): -40
  • Remote start/stop control
  • Stainless Steel desiccant sukports and air diffusers to prevent channeling
  • Counter current regeneration, up flow drying, and down flow depressurization
  • 3/16"" Premium Grade F200 activated alumina high capacity desiccant for pressure dew point performance
  • Easy installation with single point connection for electrical supply power and inlet/outlet air connections
  • Dry relay alarms for remote indication of system alarms
  • Standard Energy Managment System
  • Adjustable (5 &10 minute) NEMA Cycle
  • Standard Communication through RS-232/RS485 combo port
  • Each Dryer equiped with mounted coalescing filter and desiccant dust afterfilter
  • NEMA 4 Controls Standard
More Information
Operating Pressure (PSIG)100
Ambient Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit)100
Downstream Humidity Sensor Optional
Dimensions (HxWxD Inches)87x66x53
Automatic Piston Valves On Models Up To 750 ScfmAutomatic Piston Valves on Models up to 750 SCFM
Check Valves On Models 1000 Scfm And AboveCheck Valves on Models 1000 SCFM and Above
Asme Carbon Steel Vessels With Premium Grade DesiccantASME Carbon Steel Vessels With Premium Grade Desiccant
Angle Body Piston Valves On Models Up To 1250 ScfmAngle Body Piston Valves on Models up to 1250 SCFM
Butterfly Valves On Models 1500 Scfm And AboveButterfly Valves on Models 1500 SCFM and Above
Pilot SolenoidPilot Solenoid
Aircel Programmable ControllerAircel Programmable Controller
Purge Exhaust MufflersPurge Exhaust Mufflers
Mounted Pre and After FilterMounted Pre and After Filter
Voltage (VAC)460-3-60
FLA (inches)9.3
Connection2" NPT
Energy Management SystemEnergy Management System
Tower Pressure Gauges Tower Pressure Gauges
Inlet ValvesInlet Valves
Regulated and Filtered Pilot Air Regulated and Filtered Pilot Air
LED Tower OperationLED Tower Operation
Thermal Relief ValvesThermal Relief Valves
Steel FrameSteel Frame
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