ABP-3000 Blower Purge Desiccant Dryer, 3000 SCFM



List Price $168,570.00

Aircel's ABP Series is a heated blower purge desiccant dryer. The ABP uses a high efficiency blower that brings in ambient air for the regeneration cycle. The ABP also comes standaed with

  • Flow(SCFM): 3000
  • Operating Pressure (PSIG): 100
  • Ambient Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit): 100
  • Inlet Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit): 100
  • Dew Point (Degrees Fahrenheit): -40
  • High Efficiency Blower Drains in Ambient Air for Regeneration Cycle
  • Purge Consumption 2%
  • ISO Quality Class 2 Air (-40 Degrees) Dew Point Protects Against Freezing in Low Ambient Conditions
  • Mounted Filtration Package Included
  • 7” Touchscreen
  • Fail Safe Design
  • Parallel Cooling Mode Increases Efficiency While Virtually Eliminating Dew Point Spikes
More Information
Operating Pressure (PSIG)100
Ambient Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit)100
Pressure Control Pressure Control
Energy Management System With Outlet Dew Point SensorEnergy Management System With Outlet Dew Point Sensor
ASME Carbon Steel Vessels ASME Carbon Steel Vessels
High Performance Butterfly ValvesHigh Performance Butterfly Valves
Angle Body Depressurization ValvesAngle Body Depressurization Valves
Condensate Drain Condensate Drain
Downstream Humidity Sensor For Safety and Constant Dewpoint Monitoring
Activated Alumina Desiccant Activated Alumina Desiccant
Dimensions (HxWxD Inches)127x131x111
Easy Desiccant Fill PortEasy Desiccant Fill Port
Backup Heatless ModeBackup Heatless Mode
Pilot SolenoidPilot Solenoid
High Temperature TubingHigh Temperature Tubing
High Efficiency BlowerHigh Efficiency Blower
Aircel Programmable ControllerAircel Programmable Controller
Nema 4 Immersion HeaterNema 4 Immersion Heater
Purge Exhaust MufflersPurge Exhaust Mufflers
Mounted Pre and After FilterMounted Pre and After Filter
Parallel CoolingParallel Cooling
Voltage (VAC)460-3-60
Connection (FLG)6"
Regulated and Filtered Pilot Air Regulated and Filtered Pilot Air
Thermal Relief ValvesThermal Relief Valves
Steel FrameSteel Frame
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