Company Overview

Aircel does one thing and we do it better than anyone: We offer the compressed air drying and filtering solutions your company needs and we do so affordably, reliably, and with an eye towards the health of the environment and the planet we all share.

At Aircel, we design and manufacture both off-the-shelf and custom compressed air systems including heated/heatless desiccant air dryers, and cycling/non-cycling refrigerated air dryers — from small point-of-use dryers to large custom engineered compressed air dryers — a complete line of filtration and separation products to meet your exact needs. We are the leaders in the field and offer you unrivaled quality.

We back that claim with years of experience in the fields of compressed air, gas and fluid separation, unmatched engineering know-how and advanced manufacturing capabilities, but we also approach things differently when it comes to servicing our clients.

We have a dedicated centralized application engineering department who listen to your concerns, understand your application and propose a solution via the products we have immediately available or offer a tailored, customized option. We have service technicians on stand-by as well. You will never face a problem alone.

That type of customer service has earned us a stellar reputation. We work hard to ensure that we earn that reputation every day.

Mission Statement

At Aircel, our mission is to offer the very best comprehensive compressed air drying and filtration solutions to our customers — via affordable, quality off-the-shelf products or specific, reliable customized applications—supported by a world-class application engineering department and highly trained service technicians. We run our business with integrity, honor our commitments to our customers and, through sustainable practices, act as good stewards of the environment.

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