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Mist Eliminator

Aircel provides a full line of Mist Eliminators (300 - 8,000 scfm) to effectively remove oil, solids and water from your compressed air system. In addition, this technology can serve as an efficient prefilter and contaminant separator for refrigerated and desiccant compressed air dryers. By reducing the liquid loading potential and preventing liquid slugs from reaching the dryer, it will extend the life of your refrigerated dryer’s heat exchanger or the life of desiccant in regenerative dryers.

The Aircel Mist Eliminator features an element with patent pending urethane threaded end. This unique design requires no internal loose parts and no internal housing center core. This provides easy, hassle-free element changeout and reduces the overall initial unit shipping weight, saving on freight costs. The element is designed with optimum pleat spacing and fin depth to provide unsurpassed low differential pressure, dirt holding capacity, and efficiency. Filtration efficiency and permeability are based on independent laboratory testing by Interbasic Resources, Inc.

The filter element will collect particles greater than 1 micron with 99.5% efficiency. Particles 0.5 micron in size will be filtered at an efficiency of 99.3%.

Aircel MIS Series

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