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Activated Carbon Adsorber

AKC Activated carbon adsorber offer high retention of oil vapor and hydrocarbons with low pressure drop across the system. The large activated carbon bed allows for residual oil content of less than 0.003 ppm and a bed life of 10,000 hours. The AKC adsorber includes a built-in residual oil indicator.

Prefiltered, clean air and dried compressed air (required inlet conditions) is led via the inlet (1) into the vessel and is lead through the gas diffuser to the adsorption vessel inlet (2) and through the activated carbon bed (3) from top to bottom. In the activated carbon bed, the compressed air is cleaned from oil vapours and hydrocarbons. The cleaned air is lead via the lower gas diffuser (4) and the oulet of the adsorption vessel (5) to the compressed air network and to the point of use. By means of an oil indicator (6) at the outlet of the adsorber, the saturation of the carbon can be measured online, at any time.

















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