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AMS Series
Bulk Water Moisture Separator

Aircel bulk water moisture separators AMS Filters (25 - 1,500 scfm)features unique fins on the centrifugal module, which have been custom engineered using the latest CFD software to ensure that points of low efficiency have been identified and eliminated. It is ideal with standard and variable speed compressors by ensuring excellent liquid removal, even at low velocities. No replacement components are required, making the Aircel moisture separator a viable, cost effective solution.

  • Manufactured from cast aluminum alloy with a protective finish to enhance shedding of liquids and eliminate corrosion.
  • Vortex beaker to prevent reentrainment of separated condensate, creating a quiet zone for liquid correction.
  • Multiple condensate drainage options to facilitate maximum flexibility and energy efficiency.
  • Float type condensate drain valve supplied as standard.
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