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AFS Filter

AFS Series
Stainless Steel, High Pressure Filter

Aircel high pressure stainless steel AFS Filters (60 - 2,000 scfm) are manufactured from high grade 316L stainless steel and is designed to meet the requirements of a variety of specialist high pressure and corrosion sensitive applications.
The Aircel AFS Series features 21 models with pressure ratings of 725, 1450, and 5000 psig.

  • Available in 5, 1, 0.01, and 0.01 activated carbon.
  • Specifically developed filter materials offer high efficiency with minimum pressure drop.
  • Elements for 1450 and 5000 psig models incorporate a corrosion resistant stainless steel end cap.
  • Differential pressure ports supplied as standard on all models.
  • Condensate drain ports supplied plugged.
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