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Filtration Systems

We carry the most efficient and cost-effective pre-filters and filter housings engineered to provide lower pressure drop, longer filter life, quick and easy element change-outs and more predictable maintenance.

  • AMS Filter Series

    AMS Filter Series

    Aircel bulk water moisture separators AMS Filters (25 - 1,500 scfm)features unique fins on the centrifugal module, which have been custom engineered using the latest CFD software to ensure that points of low efficiency have been identified and eliminated. It is ideal with standard and variable speed compressors by ensuring excellent liquid removal, even at low velocities. No replacement components are required, making the Aircel moisture separator a viable, cost effective solution.
  • Aircel Mist Eliminators MIS Series

    MIS Mist Eliminators

    Mist Eliminators effectively remove oil, solids and water from your compressed air system. In addition, this technology can serve as an efficient prefilter and contaminant separator for refrigerated and desiccant compressed air dryers. By reducing the liquid loading potential and preventing liquid slugs from reaching the dryer, it will extend the life of your refrigerated dryer’s heat exchanger or the life of desiccant in regenerative dryers.
  • AF Filter Series

    AF Filter Series

    Aircel high efficiency AF Filters (200 - 1,500 scfm) include smart design features and innovative technology to provide a compressed air filtration solution for a wide range of applications. Aircel's unique AF Series filters are designed to combine high performance, energy savings, flexibility, and optimum reliability.
  • AFS Filter Series

    AFS Filter Series

    Aircel high pressure stainless steel AFS Filters (60 - 2,000 scfm) are manufactured from high grade 316L stainless steel and is designed to meet the requirements of a variety of specialist high pressure and corrosion sensitive applications. Available in 725, 1450, and 5000 psig.
  • AFHP Filter Series

    AFHP Filter Series

    The Aircel AFHP Filters (35 - 2,6800 scfm) provide excellent value when compared to stainless and carbon steel variants, while still delivering exceptional filtration. The range includes 22 models from 1/4" to 3" with capacities of up to 2,580 scfm at 300 psig and 1,882 scfm at 750 psig. All models are suitable for use in various high pressure applications.
  • AFHT Filter Series

    AFHT Filter Series

    The Aircel AFHT Filters (35 - 2,6800 scfm) are designed to remove all particulate down to 1 micron and suitable for up to 450°F, this range was purposefully designed to protect your downstream equipment.
  • AFT Filter Series

    AFT Filter Series

    The Aircel AFT "T" Series Filters (2,500 - 6,750 scfm) are equipped with all of the features required to make this the most efficient and cost-effective filter for your compressed air system. The flanged housings offer low pressure drop through optimal flow-path design. The AFT standard filter housings come with a differential pressure gauge and pneumatic drain.
  • AKC Filter Series

    AKC Activated Carbon Adsorber

    AKC Activated carbon adsorbers offer high retention of oil vapor and hydrocarbons with low pressure drop across the system. The large activated carbon bed allows for residual oil content of less than 0.003 ppm and a bed life of 10,000 hours. The AKC adsorber includes a built-in residual oil indicator.
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