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AHLD Series
Heatless, Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer

The Aircel AHLD Series (70 - 8,000 scfm) is a heatless regenerative desiccant air dryer designed for total energy efficiency. Includes purge saving Energy Management System standard. The PLC Controller provides complete, reliable control of the system with text description of each step in the sequence of operation. The reliable operation and robust valving require no user adjustment and virtually no user maintenance. Mounted pre-filter and after filter included with each model. Our precision engineered components and design deliver outstanding service life and operational durability. Aircel has the experience, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to continuously develop dryers with the highest quality performance.

The Aircel Programmable Controller (APC) and Energy Management System (EMS) are standard on the AHLD. This energy-saving demand cycle reduces purge air and optimizes dryer performance by monitoring the moisture fast and early in the middle portion of the tower desiccant bed. This control panel automatically adjusts the regeneration cycle, maintaining dew point and extending the drying cycle. Switching is less frequent, reducing dryer maintenance and fully utilizing desiccant capacity. This addition will improve reliability and performance while sustaining a constant dew point. The end result is an overall purge reduction and significant energy savings.

Aircel AHLD E-Series Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer


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