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Efficient after-coolers are an economical way to remove water vapor and cool compressed air to useable levels preparing for further filtration and drying applications.

  • Air-Cooled AfterCoolers
    Air-Cooled AfterCoolers
    Air-Cooled AfterCoolers (130 - 4,500 scfm) provide economical cooling by using ambient air to cool the hot compressed air from an air compressor. Discharge air from an air compressor is generally 180F - 350F, depending on the type of compressor. As the compressed air cools, about 60% of the water vapor present condenses into liquid water, which should be immediately removed from the system with a separator. Air-Cooled AfterCoolers can be sized to cool the hot compressed air to within 5F to 20F of the ambient air temperature. After-coolers can be installed so normal wasted heat can be reclaimed and re-circulated.
  • Water-Cooled AfterCoolers
    Water-Cooled AfterCoolers
    Water-Cooled AfterCoolers and separators are an ideal combination to remove troublesome moisture from compressed air. With proper installation of after-coolers and matching liquid separators, conclusive proof has shown that they perform effectively in maintaining trouble-free operation of compressed air equipment. By lowering the temperature of the compressed air in downstream air lines using water-cooled after-coolers, up to 70% of the water vapor present condenses to a liquid, which can then be removed by moisture separators.
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